The parties bear the following costs in accordance with the International Commercial Mediation Rules (hereinafter “Rules”) and the Mediation Cost Regulations (hereinafter “Regulations”):

(1) Request Fee (Article 2 of the Regulations)

The requesting party must pay a non-refundable Request Fee of JPY 50,000 at the filing of Request for Mediation. If the requesting party is a resident in Japan, it shall pay JPY 52,500 including the Consumption Tax.

(2) Administrative Fee (Article 3 of the Regulations)

The administrative fee to be paid by the parties is a sum equivalent to ten percent (10%) of the mediator's remuneration.

(3) Mediator's Remuneration (Rule 13.2 of the Rules, Article 4.1 & 4.2 of the Regulations)

The mediator's remuneration will be determined by the JCAA based on an hourly rate within the range of JPY 20,000 to JPY 60,000.

(4) Expenses

The parties bear such expenses for mediation proceedings as for interpreters, transcript, meeting room and travel expenses of a mediator.

The parties are requested to pay a deposit to cover the above costs after the mediation proceedings are initiated (Rule 13.4 & 13.6 of the Rules).