What is Mediation?

Mediation is a method of resolving disputes by the parties’ negotiation facilitated by a mediator, an independent and impartial third party. It is conducted based on a mediation agreement between the parties to refer disputes to mediation.

In mediation proceedings, the mediator helps the parties to reach a negotiated settlement on the disputed matter. The mediator may propose the terms of amicable settlement in its sole discretion at any stage of mediation proceedings but the proposals are left at the parties’ disposal.

Mediation is more economical and expeditious as a means of the settlement of the dispute than arbitration or litigation, and aims to an amicable settmentent of the dispute saitisfying to both parties.

The JCAA provides mediation for the settlement of the disputes arising from international transactions and its mediation is conducted by the International Commercial Mediation Rules and the Mediation Cost Regulations. The mediation costs are reasonable for the parties and the dispute can be expected to be settled within 3 months after the appointment of a mediator. For details, please refer to the above Rules and Regulations.