Filing Fee

JPY50,000 (consumption tax excluded)

The filing fee shall be paid and borne by the applicant. The filling fee will be refunded to the applicant if the mediation proceedings is not initiated.

Mediator's Remuneration

Unless otherwise agreed by the parties, the mediator' remuneration is charged on an hourly basis and the hourly rate is JPY50,000 (consumption tax excluded)

The parties may agree that the mediator's remuneration is charged on, for example:

  • An hourly basis with an upper limit
  • A fixed sum basis
  • A contingency fee basis

Mediator's Expenses

Mediator's expenses include:

  • transportation expenses (business-class airfares and equivalent class fares for other modes of transportation);
  • accommodation expenses (including meals and other expenses) of 60,000 yen per night, when accommodation is needed; and
  • costs of post, courier, telephone calls, copies or any other expenses that the JCAA finds reasonable taking into consideration the nature of the case.

JCAA Administrative Fee

10% of the total amount of the mediator's remuneration

Other reasonable expenses

For example, conference room fee for mediation session.

The mediator's remuneration and expenses, JCAA administrative fee, and other reasonable expenses will be covered by the deposit that the parties pay to the JCAA. The parties will equally bear these fees unless otherwise agreed by the parties.