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NAME Nationality Country or Region of Residence Language URL
Mr. Paul Sandosham Singapore Singapore English
Klaus Michael Sachs Germany Germany English
Yasunobu Sato Japan Japan English/Japanese
Toshiji Sato Japan Japan Japanese
Dr. Sandor Schick United States of America Singapore English
Mr. Erik G. W. Schäfer Germany Germany English/French/German/Spanish
Mr. Eric Schwartz France/United States of America United States of America English/French
Ms. Anne Secomb Germany Singapore English/German/Spanish
Dr Matthew Secomb Australia Singapore English/French
Mugi Sekido Japan Japan English/Japanese
Mr. LAURENCE SHORE United Kingdom/United States of America Italy English
Mr Craig Shepherd United Kingdom Japan English
Professor Dr Wei Shen China China Chinese/English
Ryuichi Shitara Japan Japan English/Japanese
Katsumi Shinohara Japan Japan Japanese
Misao Shimizu Japan Japan English/Japanese
Masato Shimoda Japan Japan Japanese
Mr. Davinder Singh Singapore Singapore English
Dr. Harald Sippel Austria Malaysia English/French/German/Italian
Mr. Paul Sills New Zealand United Kingdom English
Matthew James Skinner Australia/United Kingdom Singapore English
Mr. Gordon Smith New Zealand Australia English
Sir Andrew Smith United Kingdom United Kingdom English
Professor M Sornarajah Australia Singapore/Sri Lanka/United Kingdom English
Takashi Sonoo Japan Japan Japanese
Mr James Spigelman Australia Australia English
Maya Steinitz Germany/Israel/United States of America United States of America English/Hebrew 
Christopher Studebaker United States of America Japan English/Japanese
Yan Sun China Japan Chinese/Japanese
Etsuko Sugiyama Japan Japan English/Japanese